Carlisle: Is God a Democrat? |

Carlisle: Is God a Democrat?

Marc Carlisle

When the organizers of the Democratic National Convention announced that their candidate would accept the partys nomination outdoors, at Invesco Field at Mile High, the leadership of Focus on the Family saw a golden, indeed a God-given opportunity. Surely God would provide rain of Biblical proportions in response to the prayers of the 220 million worldwide of which the group claims leadership. It should have come as no surprise that the prayers from Focus on the Family went unanswered; after all, God is a Democrat.Barack Obama must have known that, believed that, when he agreed to speak outdoors, confident that a higher power would provide a temperate, calm, pleasant evening in August for him to be heard. The only other explanation for his decision to risk an open-air speech is arrogance. True, Martin Luther King spoke in a chilly drizzle, but the backdrop of Lincolns Memorial and Kings compelling dream of equality for all carried the occasion into history. The backdrop of Bucky the Bronco and the senators necessarily partisan words could never hope to do the same over wind and rain and even so, does anyone besides Ted Sorensen remember what JFK said as he accepted the party nomination in 1960, or where (outdoors at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum)? Happily for him the weather was perfect, to the chagrin of those so doubtful of the power of their own message that they considered stooping to celestial dirty tricks both right and necessary. But God ignored their prayers, which by itself proves nothing. For millennia God has moved to his own Divine plan, prayers notwithstanding. However, not satisfied with granting the Democrats Divine weather, He went one step further and, during the Republican Convention he visited a hurricane: one strong enough to wipe out the first day of the convention but mild enough to avoid loss of life. Unfortunately for Him, the same arrogance that enabled Focus on the Family folk to ask God for a childish parlor trick in the form of rain during Obamas speech blinded them to this obvious manifestation of His displeasure. Surely the same people who saw the hand of God in the death and destruction of Hurricane Katrina as a Divine finger pointed at homosexuals can see in the weather a Divine indication of just which party had found His favor. But like the followers of Moses who repeatedly ignored their Lord and defied His will, they ignore the obvious, as they have refused to see a higher power bringing low so many of their number, from back-to-back Speakers of the House to self-appointed church leaders such as Ted Haggard, to a host of moral hypocrites such as Henry Hyde, Tom DeLay, Mark Foley and Larry Craig.Of course, arrogance is not unknown within the Democratic Party, as evidenced by Clinton and Spitzer and McGreevy, so perhaps the assumption that God is a Democrat is too great a leap of faith. After all, the wiping away of the money-changers at Bear Stearns, Lehman and those to follow should serve as a warning to any with eyes to see. Or maybe Hes really just upset with one political party, the one that has come to resemble the Pharisees of old. While no political party has Gods blessing, putting as they must the false idols of flag, country and the dollar before the Divine, decide for yourself which party fits the Pharisees bill. With all their pretenses to piety they were in reality avaricious, sensual and dissolute. They looked with contempt upon every nation but their own and they devoted their energies to making converts to their own narrow views and were exclusive and bitterly opposed to the truth and to others. Theres a lot of praying that needs to be done by a lot of people, and for more than rain.Marc Carlisle writes a Thursday column. He can be reached at

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