Carolyn Costanza: Skeptical of Breckenridge solar |

Carolyn Costanza: Skeptical of Breckenridge solar

I just went online to look at the upcoming planning meeting regarding the town of Breckenridge’s solar panel placements. I find there are 11 sites around town where they plan to put these panels, but they have only talked about the ones at the Riverwalk and at the golf course.

I would like to know the total number of panels they are talking about – plus I see the free-standing ones range in height up to 15 feet. They also say they will provide 71 percent of energy at the golf course and 23 percent at the Riverwalk, and I do not believe those figures. The figures I’ve seen from past solar panels has been way less than the people expected, so I would like to know where these figures came from. The fleet maintenance facility on Airport Road would require cutting 20-40 trees, and some trees would also have to be cut at the other sites. This is after years of the town not allowing cutting of any trees, and without trees these panels will be even more intrusive and affect the beauty of this town. Who wants to come to a historic town and see nothing but solar panels everywhere – I sure don’t. It ruins the whole perspective of this town and they are really, really ugly. If they were in the middle of nowhere that would be one thing, but in the middle of our town I am totally against them.

I think the only one making out on this terrible venture is the company providing the panels. The town still has to buy the power from these solar panels at a reduced price, but how reduced? Then the town has the option of buying these panels in five or six years but at what price and where will that money come from? What about the maintenance of the panels too as they are supposed to last 30 or more years?

Looks like the beauty of this town will be adversely impacted just to partially power a few city buildings. I just say there are too many unanswered questions, or if this information was available where is it? Maybe more people should attend the planning meeting and the town council meetings concerning this project to understand the real impact on our town and see a cost analysis.

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