Carrie Brown: Flu questions |

Carrie Brown: Flu questions

Carrie Brown

There are questions that need to be answered. How does one die from the flu? Why does the Summit County Public Health Department refuse to test? Why did they insist on reporting that no cases of H1N1 were here when clearly, a good portion of the population has been infected? Of course, they wouldn’t know officially, since there was no testing. Is it political? Would cases of H1N1 hurt our skier visits? If kids had been tested or even if the SCPHD acknowledged that H1N1 was here, could this death have been prevented? Maybe. Speculation is like hearsay. It doesn’t matter much. What does matter is the truth. We deserve it.

At least with a test or a public announcement that H1N1 is here, we can prepare. Not knowing fuels ignorance. If the public were given more knowledge, we could work as a community to stay well. I’d much rather have the truth than the not knowing, the massive gossip, and the speculation which all create an energy field of hysteria. Rather than helping the community, the Summit County Public Health Department has done an incredible disservice to us all.

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