Carrier offers information on getting delivery |

Carrier offers information on getting delivery

In response to the Aug. 4 letter by Nicole Downey on “Post Office gouging needs to be stopped by class-action suit:” People who do get mail delivery are served by a highway contract carrier (not a city carrier), and the highway contract routes are out of city limits.

The postal regulations decree that anyone living within a quarter mile of a local post office without city-type delivery (non-first class office), is entitled to a free post office box but not to street delivery.

Those living more than a quarter mile from the post office may have the option of either paying for a post office box, or placing their mailbox upon the line-of-travel of the highway contract carrier that serves that office.

In the latter instance, the customer must request this service from the local post office, and then there may be a waiting period until the paperwork can be processed so the highway contract carrier can be compensated for the extra deliveries.

This waiting period can be up to one year, depending upon the expiration date of the highway contract carrier’s contract.

Generally, the line-of-travel of the highway contract carrier will not be altered unless there is a reasonable or economical reason for doing so. It all boils down to cost versus revenue.

More than likely, it’s not cost-effective to provide a $40,000-a-year delivery service for a small town that may only generate $400 a year in revenue, and still keep postage at 37 cents.

If you can find other people in your area who live on the carrier’s line-of-travel, and who will allow you to erect a mailbox on their property, then you, too, can get home delivery – sort of. Hope this helps.

Tammy Chambers

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