Catherine Cockburn: Leave our precious trees alone! |

Catherine Cockburn: Leave our precious trees alone!

Catherine Cockburn
Breckenridge, CO Colorado

So the Town of Breckenridge is at it again, proposing to wipe out the trees we’ve all tried so hard to save. Many homeowners and HOAs have spent tens of thousands of dollars spraying their trees against the pine beetle. Now we’re being told, “Too bad if they’re still alive, we want them gone!”

To add insult to injury, they now want us, the diligent homeowners who have fought the good fight, to fork out more money to destroy our live trees, plus the price of a permit to do so.

Okay, I understand the need for a firebreak, but removing most of the town’s trees is going to leave Breckenridge looking like a wasteland. It’s my understanding that fires in Breck are caused in the homes, not outside them.

Last summer, the town floated the idea of removing every bit of vegetation within 15 feet of our homes. I pointed out at the time that as most homes in the town itself are within 30 feet of each other. That would leave Breck completely bereft of trees, along with the wildlife that dwells within their protective branches.

Now they want to extend that zone to 30 feet from each home. Great! That’ll really guarantee the town won’t win any beauty prizes.

I’m all for removing the dead trees, have done so and paid the price, but removing live trees that provide us all with much needed privacy and amenity ” not to mention a home for the wildlife ” is sheer nonsense!

I’ve seen the old-time photos of Breck during the mining years where the hills are bare ” it’s not pretty.

The town needs to weigh risk against lifestyle. Homeowners have the ability to take out fire insurance. It’s a pity we can’t take out insurance against the town’s unfortunate decisions.

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