Cattle dog rescue offers hope |

Cattle dog rescue offers hope

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SUMMIT COUNTY ” Locally based Animal Rescue of the Rockies is a general breed canine rescue organization. They can give you training advice or other kinds of support in order to keep dogs in their homes. Rescue groups also work as a network to find foster and permanent homes for dogs finding themselves homeless, or worse, about to be euthanized.

The New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue of Colorado out of Parker takes mostly dogs in the latter situation.

PJ Wilderman, founder of the organization, said Australian cattle dogs (also known as blue or red heelers) are highly susceptible to getting into trouble while in limbo.

“They’re such high energy dogs … They don’t do well in shelters,” Wilderman said.

The organization, like other rescue groups, lives wherever they have foster homes, permanent homes or volunteers.

New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue is in several states and includes adoptive homes and volunteers in Summit County.

Wilderman said as cattle dog experts, they match an animal’s activity level to the activity level of the person or family adopting.

“The members are very knowledgeable about their (cattle dogs) needs and training,” she said.

Deb Brinkley, who lives in Kremmling and works in the county, got involved with New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue after her heeler of 18 years was put down.

Not yet ready for a new dog, Brinkley is now caring for three heelers who are looking for permanent homes.

“One of these days I’m going to decide that’s the dog I want,” she said.

Brinkley described the breed as “brilliant” and “loyal.”

Wilderman said as high-activity-level dogs, heelers like to have a job or daily exercise.

In their steady need for new foster or permanent homes for dogs, Wilderman said, “Whatever we can do to relieve the stress from shelters leaves more room for the dogs who do better in the shelter.”

Wilderman founded the group by way of first searching for a successful cattle dog rescue group.

Teamed up with a sister group out of Arizona, Wilderman and group have rescued 225 dogs out of their Colorado base since 2005.

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New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue of Colorado

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