CDOT will never admit it is wrong about magnesium chloride |

CDOT will never admit it is wrong about magnesium chloride

“Those trees aren’t dead; they are just red.”

And if you believe that, then you will believe everything else that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) excuse-makers tell us.

Everywhere around the county where magnesium chloride has reached the base of our evergreens, they are dying or dead. Many of these trees are old enough to have survived years and years of salt and sand and, after only a short period of exposure to mag chloride, they are dead.

So, what was CDOT’s reaction? Hire some college professor to tell us that the trees were not really dead, just red.

But it is not really an issue of dying trees or the other possible negative effects of mag chloride. It is an issue of the credibility of the upper management of CDOT. Hiding behind the veil of our Gov. Asphalt Bill Owens, CDOT has only one management philosophy – “we are never wrong.” No matter what, never admit we are wrong. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

That was demonstrated this summer when CDOT’s contractor created the terrible mess north of Silverthorne. A CDOT engineer agreed with those of us who had driven over the road – and shortly thereafter just disappeared. You don’t disagree with CDOT. Just ask our county commissioners. They complained about the road construction and then dared to suggest banning mag chloride, and according to an article in the Daily News, they are now being left out on matters relating to Interstate 70.

When I was growing up, we painted our homes with lead-based paint and polished coins with mercury. Today, we understand the harmful effects of those substances and have taken precautions to rid them from our environment.

You would think CDOT would be greatly concerned about the possible harmful effects of mag chloride on its employees, on us and our environment.

That will never happen. CDOT is never wrong and would put anything in harm’s way to prove it. It will take the courts to order CDOT to stop before it ever changes. In the meantime, you and I will pay the price. If it kills the trees this quickly, what’s next? Those fish aren’t dead, they just turned red S no, we have no idea why they are floating on the surface like that S

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