Cesar Munoz: Calls for immigration reform cloaked in bigotry | SummitDaily.com

Cesar Munoz: Calls for immigration reform cloaked in bigotry

Mr. White, you have been living under two protective bubbles that you probably take for granted.

The first, the U.S. Constitution, you are now willing to compromise to achieve the goal of … what? Enforcing the current unreasonable and inhumane immigration policies? Or is it to keep out certain types of people?

Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, said that if you repeat a lie enough times people will eventually believe it. It is sadly apparent that hearsay has gone to myths, and these to “truths.” Even more disturbing, these “truths” have become cliches. Thus, you, like many others, adeptly (back-handedly) drop a few buzz-words and innuendoes that today are loaded words in the arsenal of bigots and the ignorant, e.g., “protect” and “free health care.”

If asked, could you explain these words and the “truths” they imply with facts? Can you cite legitimate sources? (Caution: Bill O’Reilly, political organizations, and a friend whose wife worked as a school teacher in Texas who said … these sources don’t even qualify for a high school term paper!)

Regarding your second protective bubble, just look in the mirror, Mr. White.

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