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Cesar Munoz: Let’s get real on immigration

Mr. Liddick, it’s time for you to get real.

First, you dismiss the threat of “racial profiling” and detention without probable cause from Arizona’s SB 1070. Perhaps, I am biased by being too close to this issue; the local police have taught me much. Yet, the detached and uninvolved Brits can see it law for what it is. “Arizona’s Immigration Law – Hysterical nativism – A conservative border state is at risk of becoming a police state.” These are not headlines from a British tabloid but from the conservative and internationally respected The Economist.

Now tell me, how real is your proposal of “closing our borders.” Want to make the wall higher? Longer? Tightening security at the border locks-in the “illegals.” You create a one-way turnstile – actually, a gauntlet of death through the Tucson Sector where now more women and children are crossing (and dying) to re-unite with an already “created family,” husbands and fathers who used to move freely back and forth to visit. Moreover, most “illegals” become such by over-staying their visas.

It doesn’t sound like you, Mr. Liddick, to just keep throwing money at a problem. How much are you willing to spend on militarizing the border? Homeland Security already is the highest funded U.S. agency – only the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan get more money.

You tout “control of borders” and sovereignty.” Yes, that is a 15th century concept quickly becoming out-dated. Let go of the antiquated notion of nation-states. The borders you revere are dissolving; a new map is forming of an interdependent world exchanging goods, information and services.

You voice the “stand in line and wait your turn” cliche. How many years is it reasonable to wait, how many times is it reasonable to apply, how much money is it reasonable to pay/gamble for an H-2b visa (unskilled worker) that may never be issued – only 66,000 are issued annually, and this cap is reached early. There’s your “incentive” for illegal immigration! A friend of mine says he would rather take his chances with the desert and a coyote (an immigrant smuggler).

However, the biggest “incentive” for illegal immigration is the very one many “anti-socialists” invoked to criticize national health care, i.e., market forces and the free market system. So next time Wall St. is crashing, just let it.

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