Chad M. Most: More on Peak One parcel |

Chad M. Most: More on Peak One parcel

Chad M. Most

Due to space constraints, my previous response to Jackie Moberly’s March 18 letter to the editor, “Peak One parcel a ‘playground'” was edited down. The following are important points that, unfortunately, were left out.

Should you be fooled into voting in this special election based on your well-intentioned belief in open space and/or fair representation (beliefs I share), let me say this:

Ms. Moberly would have us “pay attention to other options in the county.” The “not-in-my-back-yard” argument could not be made more clear. “I want to protect MY open space. Not OUR open space.” I, for one, would prefer necessary development to occur within municipal boundaries, near other residential neighborhoods. If you do believe in open space, let’s not push development out into other unincorporated areas.

Ms. Moberly would also have us believe that the Town of Frisco is “rush(ing) to destroy this area.” In fact, the town has engaged the community in an exhaustive public process, beginning over two years ago. The vast majority of stakeholders has identified affordable housing as our number one challenge and has identified the Peak One parcel as the site best suited for this type of investment in our future. The involvement of the community has already ensured that any proposed development would not be “low-income, high-density,” as Ms. Moberly so incorrectly puts it. In addition, each and every one of your elected officials has spent years listening to constituents, educating themselves fully on the issues at hand, and weighing the town’s limited options. Each and every one of your elected officials has come to the same conclusion. If you believe in fair, responsive, and well-informed representation, you are very fortunate to live in Frisco.

Please help retain Frisco’s character as a responsive, welcoming community. Vote NO on your April mail-in ballot.