Chain restrictions just pick on truckers |

Chain restrictions just pick on truckers

Rodney BowersPleasantville, Iowa

I enjoy reading Colorado’s weather on the websites, but I also read where a state legislator wants to outrageously charge truckers for failing to chain up, which they claim forces closure of I-70. Having a brother and two nephews who run Colorado at often times, I find this nothing more than an attempt to rip off the American trucking industry and its drivers. Your legislator should crawl into one of these road tractors and take a little ride with a driver during the winter who is fighting to keep this thing on the road, yet trying to keep from hitting some of those idiots in vehicles during times when highways are ice or snow-packed. If Colorado wants to make some real money, why don’t they charge a good price for rescuing these idiots who climb mountains and then have be rescued using tax-payer equipment. If Colorado cannot or will not provide safe places for truckers to pull, then trucking companies should not allow their drivers into Colorado. They can get to the West Coast using other routes.

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