Child: Who nose? |

Child: Who nose?

Josh Child
unincorporated Summit County

Opinions are like noses, everyone has one and they all blow. So, since I can’t share my nose with you, here is my opinion. Here is why I am voting for President Obama:

War: The war in Iraq ended during President Obama’s first term. One hundred and nine thousand people died as a result of the violence of the Iraq war. I personally consider ending a war that should never been started a huge accomplishment. Obama has a timetable to get the 68,000 U.S. troops out of the hell hole of Afghanistan and end our war there. The troops are scheduled to come home in two years. Public enemy #1, Osama Bin Laden, is dead. Obama isn’t leading us into a war with Iran. Romney is threatening to do so. It is estimated that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost taxpayers four trillion dollars. About 45 percent of your tax dollars go to war. There are 68,000 troops left in Afghanistan. The place is a bottomless snakepit and a no-win quagmire draining the U.S. of money and energy. Obama is determined to get us out of there.

Economy: The best way to save $$$ and pay off our debt is to end the wars mentioned above. When Obama took office, capitalism was teetering on the brink of collapse but has slowly recovered. I personally feel financial stability has improved for the free world during the last four years.

Population control: There are seven billion people in the world. It’s getting out of control. As I understand it, the Republican party wants to shut down planned parenthood clinics. The Christian right, which seems to control the Republican party, is anti-birth control, and of course, anti-abortion too. Abortions are like alcohol and drugs. No matter what you legislate, people will continue to get them. So, better to enable women to have safe access to professional care. And in a world exploding with people, birth control and sex education are necessary.

Mitt Romney and the Republican party: After seeing Mitt Romney manage his campaign, it is indeed a scary scenario to think of this man leading the free world. Insult the British during their Olympics, insult 47 percent of Americans and call them freeloaders, agree with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu about war with Iran. Not an impressive execution of good judgement and diplomacy.

So there is my opinion. Whom will you vote for? Who nose.

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