Children should not be drugged |

Children should not be drugged

Mark Carberry, Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Colorado Denver

Re: Summit County agencies receive grant for kids (SDN Sept. 7)No one should believe the number of kids reported as mentally ill in Summit County. That’s because there is no objective, scientific method for determining mental illness, so psychiatry can label any child as mentally ill for any reason.There are no X-rays, brain scans, blood tests or any other independent medical tests to prove any mental illness. Even American Psychiatric Association (APA) president Steven Sharfstein finally admitted in June 2005, “We do not have a clean-cut lab test.” Though no one knows what a chemical balance of the brain would be, psychiatry has perpetrated the hoax of a “chemical imbalance.” Mark Graff, Chair of APA Public Affairs, admitted that the term “chemical imbalance” is “probably drug company derived.” Psychiatry uses this fraud to push drugs for “treatment.” Innocent children are being treated as human guinea pigs with nerve-seizing agents and other dangerous drugs that mask symptoms but do nothing to cure any problems. These drugs have dangerous side effects, including depression, suicidal thoughts and violence, as attested to by the increased warnings that the FDA has ordered.Rather than learning to deal with life’s problems, children are being taught that their problems are caused by something wrong with their brains that they cannot control except by taking drugs. More than 8 million of 53 million American schoolchildren are on powerful stimulants, antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs. Psychiatry’s phony labeling and drugging of children is not real medicine. It’s child abuse. For more information, go to’s Note: The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is the largest mental-health watchdog organization in the world, with 133 chapters in 34 countries. CCHR has produced many hundreds of reforms by testifying in legislative hearings, conducting public hearings into psychiatric abuse, and working with the media, law enforcement and public officials.

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