China proves we’re after oil in Iraq |

China proves we’re after oil in Iraq

Well now we have Red China’s president making a whirlwind tour of American businesses starting with Bill Gates. In case you were too busy watching “American Idol and Survivor,” Red China is busy making alliances with those countries that dislike the United States (which is about everyone since the Bush reign of incompetency began) as well as American business looking for more easy profits from cheap labor. Aside from Exxon’s CEO greed, the rising costs of fuel have been driven in part by Red China’s increasing demand for same. They have made deals with all of South America, Sudan, Pakistan, the Saudis and on and on. They are now dealing with Iran and, yes, are in the hunt for Iraqi oil also.While our boys and girls die for this lie of Iraqi independence, it becomes even more blatantly clear we are there for the oil and to keep Red China from vying for it – for if we leave Iraq now Red China moves in big time and gets the prize. Red China is in the process of eating our lunch and the only solution Bush seems to have is to flood the country with cheap illegal labor. Unfortunately with Reid and Pelosi leading the Democrats as one commentator stated the Bush mis-administration is robbing the bank and the Democrats are driving the getaway car.One journalist has had the temerity and plain guts to report on the outrageous conduct of our so- called leaders. To report the truth whether or not it riles either party as our “leaders” continue their war on the middle class of this country and exploit those wishing to make a new life here. That journalist is Lou Dobbs, CNN, watch him and learn, and wake up America, it may already be too late.

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