Chisholm: Autumn reflections |

Chisholm: Autumn reflections

Don Chisholm MD, Dillon

There is a spot on the mountain road on the way to our town and church that has spectacular scenery. But in the splendor of autumn it can be dangerous. As you come around the corner, parked cars of those viewing the colors of fall, can suddenly block the narrow road causing emergency braking or big trouble. September and October can be “as good as it gets” in many beautiful places in our America. It is also a time of fleeting beauty and a time for reflection and remembering. A time of dormancy and death.

This year there is such a feeling of change – fundamental change, even God’s works of beauty have a temporary feel about them that this may be the last of something we, as Americans took as gifts from a loving God. And we should appreciate our blessings now for what they are – God’s gifts.

Many of the unique things we took for granted in America, like the Right to Life, our Right to Liberty and Freedom may be dropping like autumn leaves by the wayside. It is most probable that more of our daily work will be confiscated by government taxes to provide distribution to those favored by an ever expanding elitist and socialist government. Two life and death bad laws now exist in America-1973 Roe vs Wade removes the protection of life from the most unprotected and 2010 “Obama-care” will provide “health care coverage” from the daily taxes of the working poor providing abortion on demand and rationed care and euthanasia for the elderly. These are now mandated coverages and make us a nation with the “Culture of Death.”

One political party has made abortion and euthanasia the law of the land under Obama-care. The law was passed without a single member of the opposition party and without the majority consent of the American people. The same law violates the freedom of conscience of many Catholics and Judea-Christian faithful in their life efforts to love and protect all human life of all ages and in all conditions. The Culture of Death mandates that we support with taxes and fines the taking of life for the unborn and provide limited care and euthanasia for those deemed by political elites to be better dead than alive.

The party out of power has an entirely different plan for America. It is a plan we as the non-political Americans can understand because it uses our common sense. Most of us do not consider ourselves Democrats or Republicans. But we do want politicians who share our values and our world view, our common sense recognition of good and evil and life and death issues. We want them to protect ourselves,our families, our friends, our America from the evils of the world with good law not bad laws using hate and death as a solution for the young and old, the weak and the defenseless.

America must resume it’s original role in the Declaration of Independence. The role of using government to protect, not take away, the Creator – God endowed Human Rights to Life, to Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. A nation with laws again committed to the culture of life.

In a few days we can return to America’s great reason for being. We can use our educated vote to return our nation to the culture of life. Using courage and wisdom we can return to the freedom we once enjoyed with our families and friends protected with good law with the blessings of a most beautiful country. We can again lead the world in the joy of being a nation living a life of love in the imitation of a loving and living Christ.

We can in the peace of the voting booth bring back the promise of another American Spring full of the God’s beauty of life.

Don Chisholm MD, Dillon

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