Chisholm: War on women |

Chisholm: War on women

Don Chisholm MD

War is always a dangerous thing, especially when it happens in a culture of death. And there is most certainly a war against women going on not only in America, but in the world. The great difficulty in this modern world of mass media access and media control is knowing the truths about who is waging the war on women. Some truths are indisputable but never recognized or reported.

Here is one undeniable truth – over 25 million female children have been aborted in America since 1973. Millions of women have been left with the tragic post abortion syndrome of severe remorse and guilt on many levels. Many of these women have been victims of a culture that considers human life an interesting accident of a god-free evolution and a self-proclaimed right of reproductive choice for life or death for their own children. Some women have had abortions as underage children without the parents consent.

This war on women is of great importance at this time in America, because it can now be a mandated and covered procedure that all must pay for. The war is being waged by only one of the political parties in their recently enacted law commonly known as “Obama-care.” The mandate is that all those who have health insurance must pay for abortion on demand despite religious objections. And medical health professionals must participate if certain abortion procedures call for assistance. So our laws approved by the Supreme Court perpetuate and pay for the war on millions of women unborn, young and adult.

Institutions are not the only sponsors of the war on women. Individuals, men and women, also are the foot soldiers for many of the deeds of war. Three women on the Supreme Court prolonged the war by deciding in favor of the bad law of the “affordable health care” mandate.

The fathers that insist on abortion for their child instead of offering love and protection for mother and infant are waging the most cruel and cowardly war on women.

We have in November the last chance to tell our nations leaders that we want to stop the terrible war on women, the war on the unborn defenseless child, and the war to end the “Last great hope on earth” that Lincoln called our United States of America.

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We have in November the last chance to return to our first and greatest document “The Declaration of Independence” where we acknowledged that we were “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

It will take strength,courage and wisdom to stop the war on women and all Americans young and old. We can return to a Culture of Life.