Chris Hoover: Why is Frisco barbecue a non-dog event? |

Chris Hoover: Why is Frisco barbecue a non-dog event?

Chris Hoover

Hmm, I moved out to Colorado from Virginia Beach about nine years ago because I thought I was moving to a place that was “dog friendly” among many other positive things. That being said, if we took a consensus of the locals in Frisco and the surrounding neighborhoods I am sure that 90 percent of households in our mountain community have dogs and regard them like I regard Koma as my best friend.

I moved to Frisco from Breck a few years ago because I wanted to live in a community that was even more like a real mountain town than Breck was. I was attracted to the laid-back attitude, and the fact that Frisco just seemed more in touch with the mountain spirit to me. “A non-dog event” seems anything but laid back or real to me. So let’s cut through the chase here and ask the hard question: Why does the Town of Frisco not want dogs at its biggest event of the year?

To me, it seems the Town of Frisco is more concerned with covering their butts against a potential “dog incident” than maintaining the laid-back mountain lifestyle most of its residents live here for in the first place. In all seriousness, I would venture to say that most dog owners here in Frisco know whether or not their furry friends know how to act in public, and by saying that, there is little risk of any incidents. Sadly, this just seems like one more issue of “The man” sticking his unfriendly hands and rules where they don’t Belong! Sadly, to avoid being scolded or fined by our men in blue, I will leave Koma in my house tonight, all by himself …

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