Christian who has been hurt by Christians still believes |

Christian who has been hurt by Christians still believes

I’m sorry so many people in this county have been so hurt, angered and embittered by people who claim to be Christians.

I’m sorry some people have used the “Christian” name for personal conquests or to hate and persecute others. And, I’m sorry you feel the world has gone “into the dumpster” because of Christians. 

I respectfully disagree.

It was in the 1960s that prayer was taken out of schools and the fight was on for the Ten Commandments. If you look at statistics, it’s been since then that morality, violence and the American society have gone downhill.

To address the other issues, this is never what God intended. Genesis to Malachi talks about the history of mankind and God’s purpose for humanity.

It also talks about why there was a need for Jesus. God is so perfect and holy that none of us could have a relationship with Him or any hope of heaven because we all have sinned. Homosexuality is a hot topic in this county.

God does address that, but in His eyes that is no different than my gossiping, my cocky attitude or my constant worry about how our bills are going to be paid.

There is no “sin meter.” But in spite of all of our disobedience toward living the way God knows is best for us, He loves us anyway.

He loves us too much to leave us separated from a relationship with Him. That’s why He sent Jesus to take the punishment for our disobedience. It is through Jesus that we can have a relationship with the God of the universe.

Matthew through Revelation talks about this. I am a Bible-believing Christian, but to tell you the truth, I still get hurt by people who claim to be Christians. We think Christians should act like the loving side of God. And they should.

But the truth is we all still make mistakes and hurt other people. When we are called to give an account for whether we chose to accept or reject Jesus and what He did for us, we are only accountable for ourselves.

We will not be allowed to point the finger at others and say that they failed us and weren’t good examples. God will respond, “I didn’t fail you.” I will not preach any more because you already feel that you have been brow beaten by “Bible-toting Christians.” So I’m humbly asking you to first read for yourself about God and what He desires for you, instead of making a judgment based on imperfect human beings.

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