Christo Arkansas River project hits another hurdle |

Christo Arkansas River project hits another hurdle

Associated Press

DENVER — The group fighting an artist’s plan to string fabric over the Arkansas River has filed two new motions with the federal court in Denver to stop the project.

On Tuesday, opponents filed a motion asking for more time to review the Bureau of Land Management’s administrative record, which approved the project.

Christo’s “Over The River” project will string about 6 miles of fabric over certain sections on a 42-mile stretch of the Arkansas River. The team hopes to start construction next year and exhibit Over the River in August 2015 for two weeks before dismantling the project.

According to KMGH-TV, the opposition group, Rags Over the Arkansas River, says the project will be too disruptive to bighorn sheep in the area, local traffic, and fishing and river rafting businesses.

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