Chuck Leathers: Dam Road mess |

Chuck Leathers: Dam Road mess

Chuck Leathers

Congratulations to Steve Craig for speaking the truth about the ridiculous Dam Road security charade. But Dam Road security isn’t just a nod to fear, it’s another sign of our pathetic capitulation to anyone who says they’ll “keep us safe.” So far, all Denver Water has managed to “keep us safe” from is a minivan damaged when the security gate misfired. Denver Water may own that road, but it’s a classic case for eminent domain action against this (semi-private? quasi-governmental?) group that has seized absolute control over one-third of the transportation routes across Summit County. Where are our elected county, state and Federal representatives? This is an immediate public safety issue as opposed to some nebulous “threat” to the dam. At the very least, Summit County should take these water buffaloes to court to make them clean up that God-awful mess they’ve installed on one of our most scenic roads.

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