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CJ "Chuck" Abrams: War on energy?

CJ "Chuck" Abrams

As I listen to the outcries from the recent Gulf oil disaster, from our president, the media – including our local newspaper’s editorials and letters to the editor – I am somewhat taken aback by the idea that we think we can will our way to some new, green, economically acceptable form of energy. The fact of life is that there is nothing now or in the foreseeable future that is going to replace the world’s or the USA’s dependence on fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.). Also, the demand for these fuels will continue to increase as the world’s developing countries – such as China and India, which have limited fossil fuel resources – continue to have increased demands for energy. The increased demand will increase the price and tensions between the have-not countries.

My hope is that in our wonderful free enterprise system that generously rewards innovation, that some scientist or entrepreneur will come up with the technology or a solution that will power our automobiles, heat and cool our homes, light our world, and is economically feasible. So let’s as a nation reasonably invest in the research and development of alternative new energy.

So what can we do today as a nation going forward?

First, we need to recognize that energy independence is important to our national and economic security and that continued dependence on imported energy from sources that are not friendly (Middle East, Russia, Venezuela) to our way of life is a path to disaster.

Secondly, we need to recognize there are risks in life. From getting out of bed in the morning, to driving a car, to walking across a busy street, there are no guarantees or perfect solutions. So to the environmentalists who are partly responsible for the current Gulf oil disaster, by not allowing the drilling for oil in much less riskier places such as ANWAR: Get real!

The USA has enough undeveloped fossil fuel resources to meet our energy needs , that if developed will create new, well-paying jobs and give us energy independence if we will be allowed to access them by the environmentalists. Nobody wants an oil well or a windmill in their backyard, as evidenced by the recent local opposition at Excel Energy for the location of a much-needed electric power substation, but everyone wants and expects to flip the switch and see the lights come on.

So as usual we have choices to make. We can continue down the current path of “don’t drill here” and “no nuclear power plant in my town” while sending our dwindling money to nations that don’t like us and hope for a technological miracle, OR we can use our current technology to make coal burning cleaner, oil drilling less risky, nuclear energy safer, etc.

I for one am willing to make realistic personal sacrifices for energy independence for myself, my children and their children.

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