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In yesterday’s story, “Local scouts go blue and gold for big 100-year birthday bash at Elks Lodge,” the summary headline incorrectly characterized the school district’s policy with regard to community youth services and programs as a “ban.”In fact, the District allows community activities and programs to distribute materials in local schools, but with certain, well-defined guidelines for organizations that wish to do so.Here are a few excepts from the District’s policy:”The District recognizes its role as a focal point for many community activities and programs, and the functional source of information about those activities. … In its approach to the distribution of non-curricular materials in its schools, the Summit School District seeks to balance respect for the First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.””Each school shall establish a table, rack, stand, or bulletin board within such designated area within a school building for the placement or posting of leaflets, notices, announcements, promotional materials, or other similar forms of non-curricular materials. The location of such tables, racks, stands or bulletin boards shall be at the discretion of the school principal based upon available physical space, traffic patterns, and other similar factors.”

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