Clarifying Coyote’s ‘facts’ |

Clarifying Coyote’s ‘facts’

J.T. CoyotéSilverthorne

This is a reply to Rob Cooper’s letter “Questioning Coyote’s ‘facts’,” (Daily Mail, March 15).First off, thanks for your comments referring to my letter (“For what it’s worth, Daily Mail, March 9). I will answer you paragraph by paragraph from your letter. To preface this, in my letter I used no hard facts, just deductions and observational conclusions, based upon reading and experience, dot-connecting if you will, and I will avail you of some of my reasoning here in order to shine some light on my process.With respect to your first point regarding Rick Giese’s letter, I always read Rick’s letters, and my comment on 9/11 you point out, is a result of that letter. I do not agree with everything Rick concludes, however we do share a fondness for F.A. Hayek, which is good common ground. You might wish to read Rick’s letter from July 1, 2005. This letter contains a quote by Hayek that today should be pointed toward Washington, and not just Islam or just seen as pertaining to historical Germany. Hayek wrote: “The greatest tragedy imaginable in this endeavor to shape a future in accordance with high ideals, is to fail to expose through a deeper understanding of the situation that we may have unwittingly produced the very opposite of what we have been striving for in our own society.”Your comments regarding my thought musings on 9/11 are “knee-Jerk” at best and draw some long shot conclusions that telegraph how little understanding you have regarding the events, time lines, and the media orchestration and manipulation on that fateful day in lower Manhattan. I have no confusion at all as to what happened that day nor any confusion as to who was involved. My comments were merely to get the reader to look deeper.As to Osama bin Laden, ask yourself why Osama does not appear on the FBI’s most wanted list. They do have international jurisdiction in cases of international terrorism as it effects Americans by the way. It was given them by Congress in the “Longarm Statutes” passed in 1984 and 1986. The confession in the “confession” tape is made by a man who is not bin Laden, determined by voice and face recognition programs conducted by the FBI. The taped confession is a staged fake! You will not hear that in the MSM or Fox News. The FBI has found no evidence that ties bin Laden to 9/11. But the MSM was spouting his guilt 33 minutes after the first airliner hit. Hmmm.The Muslim enemy I speak of, has and is being hyped in the media every day, and we add to their numbers every second that this war progresses.As to the value of our dollar in the marketplace, most average folks know what they make and what they have to spend … and therefore know the real state of the economy based upon first person experience. The average per capita income of Americans in 2000 was $30,800, the average in 2006 was $34,500 or an 11 percent increase. But unless you shop exclusively at Wal-Mar,t the market bears little parity: Oil was $23 a barrel in 2001, $60 now. Gas prices at the pump was $1.15 average in 2000, $2.34 now. A loaf of bread averaged $0.87 in 2000 and is $1.29 now. An ounce of gold was worth $263 in 2001 but today it takes $645. A gallon of milk was $2.69 in 2000 and is $3.34 now. The National average for the rental of a three-bedroom suburban home was $1,150 per month in 2000, it will cost you $1,675.00 now. The commodity prices are still on the rise, but income peaked in 2004 and has every indication of heading down. These figures are all averages derived from several listings on each topic pull from Google, and all this with the caveat, “For what it’s worth.”These figures are all averages derived from several listings on each topic pull from Google, and all this with the caveat, “For what it’s worth.”

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