Clarifying points about our country’s lost causes |

Clarifying points about our country’s lost causes

Ed BilleaudBreckenridge

I am sorry to waste more of the Summit Daily’s ink on the dual lost causes of Iraq and the closed minds of the few remaining Bush apologists, but Trent Winegars’ letter describing my views, which are in line with both the facts and the conclusions of the vast majority of Americans, as “crap” demands a response, lest anyone take his ideas seriously.First, Mr. Winegar, I have not “jumped on the DNC band wagon” (sic). I am not even a Democrat, as you evidently presume. And a more accurate allusion would be to that of a freight train which has left the station and is rolling downhill, as with such unstoppable momentum have all thinking people realized the fraudulence and futility of Bush’s war. Secondly, who in Iraq at the time of Bush’s ordered invasion were the “Islamic terrorist” (sic) to whom you refer? Surely not the Iraqi People whose liberation we were told, eventually, was our reason for attacking their country? In fact (sorry Mr. Winegar, there’s that pesky word again) no Iraqi was involved in the 9/11 tragedy which occurred on Bush’s watch. But his close friends the Saudi’s certainly were. You seem to have an insight into Bush’s brain – next time you look through that keyhole, perhaps you can explain why he hasn’t attacked them.Thirdly, no amount of increased domestic oil exploration, no matter how much money it transferred from the working class taxpayers into the pockets of Bush and Cheney’s Big Oil buddies, would end our dependence on foreign oil. Only renewable, alternative energy can do that. But sadly, they would rather spill American (and Iraqi) blood to maintain the economic status quo. And the environmental damage they cause in doing so? Well, in their own words, “the jury’s still out.” Sure it is. And O.J. was innocent.Finally, in deference to your fact-defying support of our president, I won’t even touch your statement about our “curtailed intelligence capabilities”. That is all too obvious, and probably a fitting epitaph to this destructive and disastrous administration. Let us hope that they do not take too many more brave souls into the abyss with them. Although you are welcome to join them if you like.

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