Clearing up IB inaccuracies |

Clearing up IB inaccuracies

Carrie Brown-Wolf

I have been very concerned about some comments made about the IB program in Summit Schools. I have heard people offering information that is both inaccurate and completely paranoid.

We have schools in the county with students from Mexico, Central and South America, Russia, Poland, Asia and Africa. Is Morgan Liddick and others like him living in this America or in a bubble somewhere else? Unless someone is fully Native American, we all have heritage hailing from another country.

Working and living together is a fundamental principle for our country. The United States of America was founded on values of respect, tolerance, and independence. The melting pot we’ve become continues to grow. Our schools need to reflect our pluralistic society and help our students learn, think, and grow in such a climate. IB does exactly that.

Do the schools teach basics? You bet. Do they teach about America? Absolutely.

Classes in English, math, reading, science to name just a few, are required at every school in the county. IB does not take away from these classes. IB helps our kids think and process information in an inquiry-based method. It’s not out to make kids become communists.

IB responds to questions and concerns that kids have about what they are learning. It teaches them how to think for themselves. It teaches them to compare, contrast, explore, respect, understand, and to learn. What are people afraid of? Instead of regurgitating a vocabulary list, I hope my kids can ask what the word means and be able to have a discussion. That’s IB.

Every school program in the county, including IB took a 10 percent cut this year. Using finances as a way to sabotage the program is a smokescreen for paranoia.

Every student in the high school has access and is welcome to take an IB course. I encourage every single one of them to. It will be the best preparation a student can have to live in America. I, for one, want my kids to know how to think, to question, and to speak for themselves.

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