Climber Jonathan Copp will share mountaineering stories at the BOEC’s Summit Adventure Series |

Climber Jonathan Copp will share mountaineering stories at the BOEC’s Summit Adventure Series

BRECKENRIDGE – Jonathan Copp likes to push the limits when he climbs.

The 28-year-old Boulder resident has been climbing for about 12 years and usually takes to the rock 150 to 200 days each year, he said. Last year, Copp and fellow Boulder resident and climber Dylan Taylor spent two months in Argentine Patagonia attempting first ascents of some of the area’s more imposing mountains.

“The vertical faces are around 4,000 feet on some of these mountains,” Copp said. “When you’re looking up at these things, trying to find routes is very difficult.”

The weather adds to the challenge, he said.

“The wind and the weather down there are just really horrendous,” Copp said, adding that, often, there is only a two- or three-day window of clear weather to complete a climb. “The vertical footage, technical difficulties and the weather are the challenges.”

First ascents of this magnitude can take several weeks, but Copp and Taylor prefer to climb using a technique known as alpine-style mountaineering – where they start at the bottom of the mountain and climb it without stopping, or perhaps resting for only a few hours.

Though the climb may take two or three days, the two don’t take any sleeping gear, and – if they sleep at all – they will lie in a crack on the wall without sleeping bags, Copp said.

“Trying to do it in this style … is facing the mountain on its own terms.”

Some might wonder if Copp and Taylor get a rush from danger, but Copp said adrenaline has nothing to do with his love of the sport.

“(It’s) definitely not adrenaline,” he said. “You can’t sustain yourself that long with adrenaline. A lot of the challenge that I like is going into a peaceful state in kind of a chaotic (situation). If you keep calm, you’re much better off.”

Copp will present a slide show on two of his first ascents in Patagonia – on Poincenot and the North face of Domo Blanco – and some weather-thwarted attempts of Pierre Giorgio, at the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center’s Summit Adventure Series Monday. He also will show some video footage of climbs in Pakistan, Patagonia and the Yukon in northern Canada.


Summit Adventure Series

This week: Jonathan Copp, climber, writer and photographer

What: First ascents in Argentine Patagonia

When: 7 p.m. Monday

Where: Speakeasy Theatre, Colorado

Mountain College (CMC) in Breckenridge

Cost: $7 admission (includes door prizes) benefits the Breckenridge Outdoor

Education Center and

Summit Huts Association

Coming soon:

Monday, March 3 – John Fielder’s Best of

Colorado at the Pioneer Club, Main Street Station in Breckenridge

Monday, March 10 – Bill Vieth’s Birds of the Pantanal, Brazil at the Speakeasy

Theatre, CMC

Monday, March 17 – Summit Lens Masters at the Speakeasy Theatre, CMC

Monday, March 24 – Mark Wilford’s Up and almost down in Kashmir at the Speakeasy Theatre, CMC

For more information or tickets, call (970) 453-6422 or email

Lu Snyder can be reached at (970) 668-3998, ext. 203, or

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