Close call with carbon monoxide |

Close call with carbon monoxide

Leigh Wambsganss
South Lake, Texas

With all of the recent conversions from propane to natural gas, this is an important message.

Install your carbon monoxide (CO) detectors on every level of your home ” throw old ones out and replace with a new one, as the maximum lifespan on them is seven years.

My family’s lives were all saved Saturday night because we installed CO detectors in our Breckenridge house Saturday evening. There are many “God thing” decisions that were made that day, but one of the biggest ones was we put CO detectors on our shopping list as we always run into town for supplies upon arrival. Initially thinking it was a malfunction, we reset it twice, but quickly realized it was serious at the third alarm and called 911. The Blue River firemen (who rock, by the way) were at our house for about an hour. Our downstairs boiler room was over 200 ppm, the downstairs area (where my children normally sleep ” but they were upstairs with us ” another God thing) was over 104 ppm and rising, and the rest of the house (second and third levels) was already over 70 ppm and rising. When they did the conversion mid-January, the plumbers did not reset the exhaust valves properly and the heating system was pumping massive deadly amounts of CO into our home. This is one of those calls the firemen said they are so glad to come to (did I mention they rock?). They said we would not have woken up had we not had those detectors.

Talk about a weekend getaway that brings a family together. As you can imagine we have been holding each other a little closer. While we always know it’s there, this weekend we truly felt God’s hand of protection over us up close and personal this weekend.

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