Closure was outrageous |

Closure was outrageous

Denver Water Board people have spent way too much time at altitude. What an outrageous, provincial, silly, paranoid decision it was to close the Dam Road without any prior notice to the affected agencies and local population.

Is it truly justified for security reasons? Were funds obtained from the Homeland Security Agency? Does this dam appear anywhere higher than in the HSA volume XXXXXXXXXXVI of lists of National vulnerable sites?

Does this mean that obviously lower priority dams, like Hoover and Grand Coulee, will soon also be closed to traffic? Our dam is no more secure today than it was yesterday. Does anyone think that somebody watching the dam from the newly installed sentry box (what did that cost?), even 24/7, periodically looking up from his comic books, is effectively going to deter someone committed to blowing up the dam?

Our new crack security team at the dam, surely to soon carry weapons, will be taking victory laps, and bonuses, five years from now celebrating the fact that they prevented any attacks.

Or, is the real issue really integrity, not security? Admit it. Yesterday’s Summit Daily article references concerns about “earthen dams”. If that is the real issue, the integrity of the dam, stop wrapping this outrageous overreaching action in terms probably calculated to engender more support. Rubbish.

If this is the key issue, do something. Wrap the pressure side of the dam in rubber. Or, concrete reinforcement. That’s your job, Denver Water Board, maintenance. And stop that silly notion of building a bridge over the lake. And, reopen the Dam road.

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