CMC partners with businesses for skills training, consulting |

CMC partners with businesses for skills training, consulting

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Colorado Mountain College reaches beyond its campuses to help organizations translate business strategies into business results through the support of its Workforce Training Center. Founded on the belief that learning should be available wherever people work, at the time they need to learn, the CMC Workforce Training Center helps businesses become learning organizations in order to enhance productivity, performance and profitability. Numerous studies have shown that training in all levels of workplace and organizational functions has proven effective in improving performance, job satisfaction and overall morale. Clearly, employee education is a two-way street: it helps the employees, and it benefits the employer. Managing business change is much easier when you have knowledgeable, motivated employees who are empowered, confident and adaptable. The increase in motivation, attitude, commitment and retention are often what organizations find to be the most compelling results. Currently, many organizations within CMC’s 12,000 square mile service area reluctantly send their employees to Denver or out-of-state destinations for skills training. Utilizing expert trainers from both the private and public sector, CMC provides a wide range of employee training for businesses of all sizes. Each corporate client’s needs are addressed through services that range from providing a guest speaker to customizing an in-house training program leading to a certificate. Dedicated to providing high quality, effective and affordable training, CMC works with organizations to create a direct line from learning initiatives to business outcomes. Client needs can be determined through informal discussion or through the more formal process of a training needs assessment.Programs for executive leaders to front-line workers ensure that Summit County employers can provide employees with the resources to learn while they are working.According to Suzanne Hyman, CMC Workforce Training Coordinator, a need frequently expressed throughout the mountain communities is “First-Time Supervisor” training. “How often have you seen people who perform well in their current job promoted into a supervisory role without any advance training or preparation?” asks Hyman. “Our training program provides multiple disciplines that prepare staff to effectively take on key management challenges.” Other programs frequently requested by employers for delivery at their place of business include, “Conversational Workplace Spanish” and “English as a Second Language (ESL).” CMC continues to provide its ESL classes to the general public, at no cost, provided the student attends the program at one of the CMC campuses. For a nominal fee, the CMC Workforce Center will provide ESL training at the employer’s facility and at a time conducive to the organization’s needs. For both small and large businesses with an organizational as opposed to a training issue, CMC’s Workforce Center provides one-on-one coaching as well as consulting in areas such as Human Resource Management, team building, and executive coaching. Often employers are challenged with providing consistent training to employees in multiple locations. CMC recommends for these employers a total training package consisting of curriculum, materials, evaluations and customized follow-up exercises provided at a fraction of the cost of sending employees to an open-enrollment training outside the local area. To inquire further about the CMC Workforce Training Center training solutions, call Suzanne Hyman, CMC Workforce Training Coordinator, at (970) 468-5989.

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