Colette Wilson: Breckenridge: Future pot lab? |

Colette Wilson: Breckenridge: Future pot lab?

We are on the verge of becoming the educational and research leader in the nation! Because Summit County has always embraced and elevated education, we have created a community of life-long learners and lovers of education.

When citizens of Breckenridge take a peek into the financial and historical opportunities presented, we will be joining hands in celebration for the landmark opportunities Breckenridge will embark on. We will be praised for initiating a landmark discovery that could literally create healing opportunities that will forever be rooted in Breckenridge history.

Consider the opportunities. The United States does not conduct scientifically valid research to support or deny medical marijuana claims. Since it is a crime in most US cities to consume cannabis recreationally, research institutes must forgo valid, double-blind, scientifically based research studies because they cannot gain access to control group subjects.

Currently, research scientists in the US are permitted to conduct cannabis “case studies.” In case study research, the scientist gathers information on individuals who claim cannabis has helped them. Yes, they have before-and-after evidence which documents dramatic improvements, and the scientific community does not consider this type of research as definitive evidence.

Double-blind research studies involving medical marijuana require a control group. The control group must be able to consume cannabis, and the researcher must be able to dispense the substance to both the research group and the control group. Of the thousands of cities all over the United States, Breckenridge is the only place where valid, scientific-based research can finally be done because of legalization/decriminalization of personal use cannabis.

By changing or re-wording the marijuana ordinance as it currently stands, Breckenridge will be “voting ourselves off the island” and eliminating any opportunity now or in the future for exclusive, scientifically based cannabis research studies that our country needs. How long must we, as citizens of the United States, wait to receive valid, reliable research studies conducted on our own soil?

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