Colleen Richmond: Why I’m Voting "yes" on the Frisco initiative |

Colleen Richmond: Why I’m Voting "yes" on the Frisco initiative

Summit Daily/Mark FoxThe Peak One parcel in Frisco.

I am voting “yes” on the upcoming Frisco Initiative because I think it will insure the town council will listen to its citizens. A few years back, I was in the packed audience during the Home Depot debacle and was astonished that the citizens were not allowed to speak. At subsequent meetings, there was some discussion, but still the town council did not listen. The outcome: a vote.

We are now facing a similar situation with the Peak One parcel. There have been several meetings and many, many citizens attended the meetings and many, many citizens gave comments ranging from “no development” to “too much density.” Somehow those comments have never appeared in the notes from the meetings that were posted on the town’s website. The only comments I have read were resounding support of the project. A “YES” VOTE IS NOT A VOTE AGAINST EMPLOYEE HOUSING (or motherhood and apple pie). A “yes” vote will aid the citizens and council in the planning of the Peak One project, the old “Home Depot” site and/or other open space sites.

There are many citizens (especially on the south side of Frisco) who would be OK with a Wellington Neighborhood-type project on Peak One parcel if some reasonable public open space is part of the project. That would probably include around 40 units with “real” open space that can be used by all residents (not driveways, streets and sidewalks “counting as open space”). What the town appears to be heading for is 80-100 units with minimal open space and a future traffic nightmare. I know we elected the town council to act on our behalf, but sometimes everyone needs a little help to actually “listen and hear” their constituency.

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