Collins: Dupuy needs to join the real world |

Collins: Dupuy needs to join the real world

Jim Collins

Re: “Gays, in fact, saved marriage,” by Tina Dupuy, column, Dec. 22

The fact is that there is love, romance, happiness, joy and holiness in heterosexual marriage, although Ms. Dupuy seems to ignore this or is unaware of it. Exactly where does Ms. Dupuy come from – an alternate universe? It is as if Ms. Dupuy has missed a major part of reality, namely the many millions of married, joyous couples who are not only happily married, but devoted to their “traditional” marriage, having been joined in holy matrimony, a religious sacrament, in their churches. Is traditional marriage dead? Far from it, except as Ms. Dupuy defines it – limping along? enslavement? slavery? wife-rape? Come on Ms. Dupuy, grow up, be honest, be accurate, look around you and join the real world. Or do you think heterosexual marriage is still in the 1800s? Is that where you came from?

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