Colorado Body Tech Breckenridge laser treatments put customers on fat-burning fast track |

Colorado Body Tech Breckenridge laser treatments put customers on fat-burning fast track

Nancy Price, mountain district manager for Colorado Body Tech in Breckenridge, said she's seen results herself after five treatments with the iLipo cold laser body treatments.
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While there’s no magic pill for instant weight loss, with a little effort, those looking for immediate fat loss in Summit County can have the next best thing.

Nancy Price, mountain district manager for Colorado Body Tech, opened a Chromogenex i-Lipo laser business Nov. 15 in Breckenridge. The company uses a noninvasive, cold laser that targets fat cells for immediate slimming results — as long as the patient exercises after to burn off the fat that is released.

“You can just power walk around Breckenridge,” Price said. “Honey, just ski, rent some ski boots and walk in them. The rule of thumb is if you can talk on your cellphone, you need to be working a little harder.”

Price suggests exercising within three hours of the treatment in order to maximize the results.

“The only way to get it out is to get into stress mode and burn the fat — like a caveman being chased by a puma,” she said.

In a normal workout, after about a half hour, the body finally kicks into burning stored fat. With this treatment, Price said, one can instantly burn that stored fat because it’s been put into the blood system. She said the process burns about 350 calories of stored fat, compared with a regular workout, which burns about 100.

“If it does not get burned off, it will deposit somewhere else,” she said.

A treatment can be completed once every 48 hours. Price sells packages of two, four, six, 10 and 20 treatments. She said in other places like Aspen, this service sells for almost $300 per treatment. Initially, through Dec. 31, Price will offer the first treatment to customers at $49.

The process begins with a medical history questionnaire, followed by markings and measurements on the body areas to be treated. Then, small boxes containing the lasers are placed on the problem area, and during about 20 minutes, the low-level lasers cause the breakdown of stored fat within the cells.

Glycerol and free fatty acids leave the fat cells and are then burned off during the post-treatment exercise. Price said she also works with customers on nutrition to help enhance or maintain the sculpting.

“You’re zapping it from where you want to, but if you don’t change what got you into this to begin with it won’t work, it will come back,” Price said. “If you’re not getting your butt off couch, you need to get your butt off couch.”

The frequency of treatment all depends on how much a person wants to lose, and how fast. Price said as long as someone is committed to working out, it can serve as a quick way to look great for an upcoming wedding, reunion or beach trip.

“I’ve never had anyone leave without losing inches,” she said. “You have to be willing to make those changes. It’s an investment in yourself — and you’re worth it.”

Price said the difference between i-Lipo and regular liposuction is that the cold laser process is noninvasive and leaves fat cells intact.

“We only have so many fat cells, you have X amount for your body and they don’t multiply, they just contract and expand as we do,” she said. “When you take them out, then if you gain weight, other fat cells around expand even more to compensate and fill the space.”

The process is the only one to receive FDA approval for circumferential reduction. Price said because it stimulates the body’s natural process for releasing stored energy, the fat cells are on a fast track to shrinking.

“It kicks it into high gear,” she said. “We have such a wonderfully health-conscious society in Colorado and especially Breckenridge. Go have fun, play in the snow, ride a bike through the mountains, burn it off faster.”

The recommended plan is two treatments per week, for four weeks, but Price said every body is different and she works with individuals to create the right plan.

All parts of the body where fat is stored can be treated, including the waist, thighs, arms, legs and under the chin. i-Lipo is not recommended for people with type 2 diabetes and thyroid problems.

“You’re investing a week or two up here for your mind and your soul, so why not invest a week or two in your body, too, and go home thinner?” Price said.

One treatment is equal to five months of exercise, because it targets where the individual wants to lose the fat and maximizes efficiency in a workout, Price said.

“Everybody has a different self-image and standard for themselves, but I think there’s something everyone would like to fix,” she said.

Colorado Body Tech Breck is open from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. daily and is located inside Harmony Health at 118 Ridge St. #2 in Breckenridge. A grand opening celebration will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 8. Visit or call (970) 366-1455 for more information.

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