Colorado Democrat calls GOP Social Security plan ‘dangerous’ |

Colorado Democrat calls GOP Social Security plan ‘dangerous’


WASHINGTON – Republicans will revive their effort to overhaul Social Security after the November elections, a “dangerous” plan that would cut benefits to senior citizens, the Democratic candidate for a Denver-area House seat said Saturday.”We can and must stop them – right now, before it’s too late,” Ed Perlmutter said in the Democrats’ weekly radio address. “Just last year, Democrats stood up to President Bush and the Republicans in Congress, and fought back against this dangerous proposal and defeated it.”Perlmutter, a former Colorado state senator, faces Republican Rick O’Donnell in a fierce contest for a House seat being vacated by Rep. Bob Beauprez, a Republican running for governor.The suburban district is nearly evenly split between Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters and has a large number of Social Security recipients.Bush and many Republicans say Social Security is in danger of going bankrupt. The president promoted a complete overhaul last year, proposing private investment accounts for younger workers. The idea died after Democrats attacked the program as a hidden effort to cut future benefits.Perlmutter lodged a similar attack Saturday, arguing that the Republican plan would “threaten senior citizens who worked hard, played by the rules and simply seek to live their golden years with some financial stability and security.”Instead of looking out for taxpayers’ interests, Republicans “are sending billions of dollars to special interests in giveaways that taxpayers are paying for,” he said.”There has never been a more critical moment to ensure that we take our nation in a new direction,” Perlmutter said.Perlmutter, 53, has made Social Security a key issue in his race because his opponent, O’Donnell, wrote a paper in 1995 that advocated “slaying” the benefits program. O’Donnell, 36, has since enrolled his mother in Social Security and proposes that experts start from scratch to identify a permanent fix.

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