Colorado pot collectives test limits of Amendment 64 |

Colorado pot collectives test limits of Amendment 64

Eric Gorski
The Denver Post
DENVER, CO. - APRIL 26: Chris Jetter, owner of Blue Mountains, "the original rocky mountain high" in the Blue Mountains dab bus for a free happy hour dab bar downtown April 26, 2013 Denver, Colorado. (Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post)

The bus with tinted windows sits idling in a parking lot on Colfax Avenue, right across from the Denver Justice Center, of all places.

Chris Jetter stands at the vehicle’s door in a “Yes We Cannabis” T-shirt, carding people.

He’s put out word on Facebook that anyone 21 or over is welcome to come down for a free “dab” — a concentrated form of marijuana heated and smoked with a bong-like contraption called an oil rig.

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