Colorado sold $1.3 billion worth of marijuana in 2016 |

Colorado sold $1.3 billion worth of marijuana in 2016

By Alicia Wallace / The Cannabist Staff

Customers shop at Rocky Road dispensary on Nov. 3, 2016, in Aurora.

The upward trend for Colorado marijuana sales should continue in 2017, but beyond that? It’s a murkier proposition.

It's a billion-dollar business — and then some.

In 2016, Colorado's dispensaries bagged $1.3 billion in recreational and medical cannabis sales, based on Colorado Department of Revenue tax data released Thursday.

To put the state's third year of regulated recreational marijuana sales in perspective, Year One totaled $699.2 million (combined with medical sales) and Year Two jumped up to $996.2 million. The trend should continue in Year Four, but beyond that? It's a murkier proposition.

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