Colorado’s slow drivers are worse than Texans; Web poll option off base |

Colorado’s slow drivers are worse than Texans; Web poll option off base

I am writing about your Web site poll about drivers. I think that the “only Texans” option was inappropriate.

I live and work here in Breckenridge, and I am a native TEAN. I am personally sick and tired of hearing Texans referred to as gapers, tourists, bad drivers, whatever.

Sure, there are slow drivers from Texas, but I have been stuck numerous times behind a slow driver from Colorado. Deal with it. Texans bring Breckenridge a lot of money.

 Another subject is tourism. What gets me is the fact most of the people who live and work in Breckenridge, or Summit County, for that matter – work in some type of service-oriented or tourism-based job.

Wake up Breckenridge. TEANS are our No. 1 spenders. One of the many reasons that Breckenridge has so many jobs to offer is because TEANS come here to play.

We now have “Friends Welcome” to promote the fact we are a tourism-based economy and to promote friendliness to visitors. Now act on it, Breckenridge.

Monday, I was driving down Main Street and I stopped to let some people cross the street. I looked over to my left, and there was a man waiting at the stop light in a little Subaru station wagon. He looked at my TEAS license plate, looked back at me and flipped me off – solely because he saw that my plates were from TEAS. This was not the first time that this has happened. I am not a slow driver, either.

Usually, I am passing you “locals” on the way home on Highway 9 to Blue River. Open your eyes and realize that there are very few people here who actually grew up in Summit County.

We are mostly transplants. Ask around. I live in a house with eight other people, none of whom are from Colorado.

Everywhere you go, someone wants to call themselves a “local.” What defines that – your state of mind? The fact you have lived here longer than a ski season? You aren’t proud of where you came from, and it is cool to be from Breck? Well, I live here, but If someone on the lift asks me where I am from, I proudly say “Dallas.”

So, “locals,” decide if you like or dislike someone based on meeting and talking to them, not based on their license plate. By the way, you will be seeing mine pass you on the way out of town.

To all of those ignorant Texas-haters, Colorado used to be part of the wonderful state of Texas.

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