Columnist Rich Mayfield blinded by bias against conservatives; does the nation a disservice |

Columnist Rich Mayfield blinded by bias against conservatives; does the nation a disservice

Rich Mayfield, in his latest column March 15, sets about the task of trying to prove that our president, while sincere, is in fact a dangerous, deluded man, possessed by a fanatical sense of religious mission.

The first quote from Bush, which he provides us to demonstrate his theory, is the following: “Liberty is not America’s gift to the world. Liberty is God’s gift to every human being in the world.”

This is merely a reiteration of the words of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, “all men S are endowed by their creator, with certain inalienable rights, among them are Life, Liberty S”

The other quote that troubles Mr. Mayfield simply states that God has an active role in events, in history, that all is not merely a result of blind chance.

There is nothing at all in these statements that demonstratse George W. Bush thinks he is carrying out a divine mission in his efforts to rid the world of the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Mr. Mayfield does not support his outrageous charge at all and therefore appears to be guilty of spreading wild and irresponsible speculation in the guise of credible commentary.

Mr. Mayfield has such an indomitable, anti-

conservative bias, which he has displayed consistently in his columns over the years, that his perception regarding the thoughts and actions taken by conservative people appears to be hopelessly skewed.

For example, he says, “When an entire nation is characterized as an “axis of evil,’ the implication is abundantly apparent: There are good nations and peoples, and evil nations and peoples.”

This implication is not apparent at all; it is a complete invention. When Bush spoke of the “axis of evil” – Iran, Iraq and North Korea – he was talking about oppressive, murderous, dangerous governments – not nations, not peoples.

Mr. Mayfield goes on to put the following words in the mind of our president: “And since God is always on the side of good nations, then there is a divine imperative to eliminate the evil nations and peoples.”

What absurd nonsense. If this simplistic hogwash were truly reflective of the mind of our president, then he very easily could have nuked Iraq to kingdom come several months ago and skipped the protracted process we have been witnessing.

If the intent of our president is to eliminate the people of Iraq, why would he keep demanding a regime change? Bush understands quite well that the people of Iraq are victims of Saddam Hussein, and he has spoken often about their plight.

He has said repeatedly that he wants to liberate the people of Iraq. It is obvious to anyone whose brain is not completely clouded by anti-Bush, anti-conservative bias, that Bush, indeed, is concerned for the people of Iraq.

Bush announced his intention many months in advance to remove Saddam from power by whatever means necessary, hoping to avoid war by convincing Saddam to disarm.

It is unfortunate innocent people undoubtedly will die if this war happens, but to insinuate that the president wants this to happen is a terrible, unsubstantiated attack on his basic character. Mayfield is insinuating that Bush is a deranged fanatic, who will happily mass-murder the innocent in the manner of an Osama bin Laden follower.

Our president is not intent on “eliminating evil nations and peoples.” He is merely doing his job, a very difficult job – of trying to rid the world and the American people of what he perceives as an imminent threat to our security while taking great pains to avoid unnecessary loss of life.

The fact he is a sincere Christian who wants his actions to be in conformance with the will of God does not bother me and should not bother a Christian minister.

By using the pulpit of your newspaper column to discredit our president with your absurd delusions and fantasies, Mr. Mayfield, you are doing the nation a great disservice at this critical time.

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