Combat vet releases action-adventure novel |

Combat vet releases action-adventure novel

Erica Marciniec
Erica Marciniec
Summit Daily/Erica MarciniecFormer Breckenridge resident Peter 'Terry' Bledsoe released his action-adventure book, 'The Unexpected Bodyguard,' this year, soon to be followed by its sequel, 'Killer Eve.'

Peter “Terry” Bledsoe, formerly of Breckenridge, released “The Unexpected Bodyguard” ( this year, to be followed by “Killer Eve,” scheduled for release in 2013.

Bledsoe, a decorated combat veteran who is retired from working for the intelligence community, uses his insider knowledge to deliver a fast-paced action-adventure novel that starts with the kidnapping and attempted murder of a college girl (Eve) in Breckenridge. Adam, a Vietnam veteran, finds himself intervening; after a shootout and Eve’s rescue, her father signs Adam up to be her bodyguard for a six-month period.

The story follows their running, hiding, fighting and sleuthing, from Breckenridge to Las Vegas to Paris to the South of France. The characters develop as the unlikely couple gets to know each other – a much older man, who vows to respect the young woman in his charge, and a young woman who flirts unabashedly with the man who is her protector.

Bledsoe describes the book as “R” rated. While the characters’ relationship has a physical component to it, however, it does not come close to going “all the way.” Still, it might be best described as “a man’s book,” one that – while packed with believable descriptions of intelligence strategies, weapons and combat techniques – also dwells in the fantasy realm of a relationship between an older man and a young woman.

Bledsoe describes Eve as “strong” and “independent.” While strong-willed and in some cases capable of evading danger, Eve is nonetheless painted as inexperienced, plagued by night terrors and needing physical contact from Adam in “The Unexpected Bodyguard.”

The action and adventure carry the book, and it is clear that the author knows the world about which he is writing. The story launches into action on page one, making it a page-turner from the start.

We’ll just have see if Eve comes into her own in the sequel, “Killer Eve,” which follows the female protagonist to the Middle East for another action-packed adventure, this time embroiling both Christians and Muslims, and with another relationship tale to boot.

“The Unexpected Bodyguard” is available at Tattered Cover bookstores and

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