Comments on Bode unfair |

Comments on Bode unfair

After reading Devon O’Neil’s article on Bode Miller (SDN Jan. 13) with Jake Fiala’s views higlighted, I for one want to come out in defense of a great skier, Bode Miller. He happens to be from my home state, New Hampshire, and I am proud to be from the same place as the truly talented and phenomenal skier, Bode, hails from. I found the comments coming from Fiala to be spiteful and mean-sprited and, yes, even jealous. He seemed to imply that Bode did not deserve to have won the World Cup since he didn’t spend a lot of time surveying the course or training as hard as Fiala did. Well Fiala, all I have to say is some people are just born with more talent and working harder does not change it as much as you would like. But, I feel Bode has trained and worked for what he has and he also happens to just thoroughly enjoy skiing and racing. It is more play than work and it seems like some people resent that which comes easy to others. Bode truly is a star, and no one should resent him for that. He apologized so cut him a break. He skis because he loves it and it is not that “he doesn’t care” as you put it, but he loves the sport more than the medals. Is not that the ideal of a great athlete? All of us should just love what we are doing, not the winning more than the sport or the play. I think you should apologize also for referring to him as a “freak of nature.” He doesn’t have bigger lungs or a bigger heart after all … actually maybe just more heart, come to think of it.

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