Commissioner Gary Lindstrom likes light rail too much and Republicans too little |

Commissioner Gary Lindstrom likes light rail too much and Republicans too little

I see that the Summit Daily has run another story about the “head banging” frustration our county commissioner, Gary Lindstrom, is feeling about how the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is handling the planning for improvements on the Interstate 70 corridor.

As a voter who voted for Mr. Lindstrom, I would like to make a few suggestions:

1. Not everyone who disagrees with your “Disneyland” light rail idea is wrong. You wrote a piece after the elections on how great our democracy was because people were allowed to have different opinions on important matters. Why doesn’t that apply when discussing I-70? Believe it or not, your unproven idea of a light rail system might not be the solution for our county.

2. You obviously have a problem with the Republican leadership. The above-mentioned piece you wrote after the elections gloried in how Summit County didn’t follow the Republican trend experienced in the rest of the state and country. You had such a problem with the Republicans that you left the party. You also mentioned in your pro-Summit County opinion in the May 1 Summit Daily how you participate in several “environmental” organizations. From this scenario, it should come as no surprise that your opinions concerning I-70 conflict with the duly elected party in control. Perhaps you’re the one out of touch, not CDOT.

3. I also would suggest you stop the rhetoric every time something doesn’t go your way. Your use of phrases such as “rubber-tired, fossil-fuel buses” and “butt-ugly” when describing the elevated structure in Idaho Springs does nothing but divide the camps even further. I believe it’s your job to build consensus when there are diverse opinions in order to bridge the differences between parties who don’t agree. It doesn’t always guarantee you will get your way, but it shows that you are of the people, and not just out for your own agenda.

4. By the way, I just visited the Summit Daily Web site at, and it has a poll question concerning this issue. As of 4 p.m. May 2, nearly 60 percent of those who responded say that I-70 should be expanded to six lanes from Denver to Summit County. While I realize this is an unscientific survey, I wonder if you would support such a solution if this were representative of the voters in this county as a whole (the voters who elected you).

Or, would you continue to pursue your personal, environmentalist agenda and push for the “Disneyland” monorail?  

I like you Gary. But your behavior concerning issues where your opinion is clearly not the one in the majority sounds selfish and unprofessional.

When your ideas don’t agree with the majority, don’t bang your head on a table in frustration, instead, glory in the democracy that allows people of differing opinions to govern themselves.

It’s a system that you have chosen to be a part of as our elected county commissioner.

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