Community Associations Institute offers help for HOAs |

Community Associations Institute offers help for HOAs

by Murray Bain

As a leader or manager of a community association, to whom do you turn for information, education and resources to assist your community? The only national organization that provides education and advocacy for homeowner associations is the Community Associations Institute (CAI). According to the CAI website, they have been in existence for nearly 40 years assisting volunteer homeowners who govern community associations and the professionals that support them.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of CAI (CAI-RMC), like its national parent, is “dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsive and competent community associations” in the Rocky Mountain Region. To accomplish this enormous task, the CAI-RMC provides significant member resources which include:

• Educational tools through a variety of courses and forums.

• Nationally recognized certification programs.

• Monthly newsletters with related articles from experts in the field.

• A bi-monthly magazine called Common Ground that offers a national perspective on HOA topics and issues.

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• Common Interests magazine, published monthly by the CAI-RMC, covering more regional content.

• Website with extensive tools and resources.

• Reports on legislative issues that affect homeowner associations.

• Opportunities to network and exchange ideas.

Where do you find out more? Start by attending the 7th Annual Mountain Conference this October 7 at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa. According to Steve Deraddo, immediate past president of CAI-RMC and co-chair of the conference: “The mountain conference brings together HOA board members, community managers and business partners under one roof to talk about issues that challenge HOAs and the solutions to these problems.”

As all Rocky Mountain HOAs and related professionals are impacted by such turbulent economic times and declining tourism revenue, the conference will focus on the impacts of the current recession; how items such as short sales, foreclosures, delinquencies and bankruptcies affect the bottom line; how to practice good budgeting and establish and maintain strong reserves; even how to undergo a major renovation under such constraints. All speakers at the conference are local experts that deal with these issues on a regular basis.

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