Condominium Sales – Week of September 18 |

Condominium Sales – Week of September 18

by Chuck Leathers

As bad as condominium sales were in July, down 40 percent over July ’09, the 34 percent increase in sales in August over the same month last year looks great. The average price for a resale condominium is still 9 percent less than last year and about 30 percent less than the historic highs of 2008, but anyone who bought in late 2006 or earlier is doing pretty well.

There were 2654 properties listed for sale last week. 681 sales have closed, about 100 more than last year to date.

Real Estate Fact of the Week

$327,900… average resale condominium price to date in 2010

$288,900… average resale condominium price in 2006