Conservatives unite for Tax-Day tea party |

Conservatives unite for Tax-Day tea party

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

FRISCO Folks fed up with federal spending filed down Main Street in Frisco on Tax-Day Wednesday, stopping at the local office of Congressman Jared Polis in an outspoken act of democracy. Taxed enough already; stop spending now, the roughly 50 people from Summit and Eagle counties many with ties to the Republican Party chanted. Polis, a Democrat, answered questions and shared thoughts via speakerphone. He said enormous deficits of about $1.6 trillion this year could devalue U.S. currency long-term, making America less wealthy.We cant let that continue, he said. Members of the crowd signed a declaration protesting the tax code and several other tax-related issues to be presented to Polis during a planned visit to Safeway in Frisco between 12:30-1:45 p.m. on Friday. They handed posters with such messages as USA not USSA: Socialism sucks!! and Obama + Congress: Same circus, different clowns to Polis district representative Nissa Erickson. Polis thanked the constituents for being politically active.Thats what this countrys all about, he said. He said he would have copies of his response to the declaration document sent to anyone interested.Moments earlier, the protesters rallied at the Frisco Historic Park gazebo. These are changes toward tyranny, toward socialism. Tony Flitcraft of Frisco said. Darrel Baker, a 38-year veteran of the U.S. Army and National Guard, said he sees recent government spending as more a fascist than socialist act.He said future generations will be shouldered with this debt, and that its tough to see how U.S. citizens will even pay for the interest on it. I want to retain America for my grandkids, he said. Were fixing to lose it.People at the rally said they were disappointed local newspapers didnt publish notice of Wednesdays event, word of which was spread mostly through word-of-mouth. Eagle County Republican Party chair Randy Milhoan said he and others visited Summit to be a part of Friscos tea party.We didnt have a rally like this in Eagle today, he said. Lisa Knobel, vice chair of Summit County Republicans, organized the event. She said the event was neither affiliated with nor financed by the party rather, her own finances were used. Im thrilled with it, she said of the event. We had people who showed up today who had never been to a protest. This is a proud moment for them.Others said they would have liked it if more people came. It should be four times this many people here, Barbara Flitcraft, Tonys wife, said.Frisco businessman Tony Pestello said he would have liked to joined in the demonstration.Ive got to work, though, said the owner of the More Space Place as he measured a pair of closets for remodeling Wednesday.Im having a hard time with our representatives and the way theyre spending our money. A lot of people feel theyre not getting represented as they used to, Pestello said.He expects to pay more taxes under the Obama administration, and he doesnt like it.Knobel attended the Frisco event wearing a three-cornered, patriot-style hat. Another woman wore tea bags over her shoulder. More than 5,000 people gathered at the state Capitol for tea-party protests. Liberal groups organized a counter-campaign according to The Denver Post. Nationally, events included a Ted Nugent performance in Texas and plans for dumping one million bags of tea into the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. The tea-dumping financed online by people upset about recent government policy was abandoned because the protesters lacked the proper permits, according to The Washington Post. The Boston Tea Party occurred Dec. 16, 1773, in Boston Harbor, when a group of Massachusetts colonists dressed as Native Americans and dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor. The historic act was a protest against British Parliament, which had approved an act to save the faltering East India Company by helping it to undercut its competitors, and many colonists viewed the act as another example of taxation tyranny, according to Knobel said at the rally in Frisco that residents should continue to speak out.Were going to have to have more tea parties, she said. The anti-Iraq war people were out there (protesting). We can do it, too.Bob Berwyn contributed to this report. Robert Allen can be contacted at (970) 668-4628 or

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