Consider a gift that gives this year for Mother’s Day |

Consider a gift that gives this year for Mother’s Day

eRin Pheil

One of the hardships I faced after graduating from elementary school was the fact that giving dear Mom a gift for Mother’s Day was no longer an easy task. The years of macaroni-and-glitter-and-glue construction paper cards were behind me, yet I had no money to purchase a nice gift for her. Once I grew a bit older and started making some of my own money, I was able to purchase items to give my mom for Mother’s Day; I showed her my appreciation with flowers and chocolates and other trite gifts. As the years continued on, though, it again became increasingly difficult to find a nice Mother’s Day gift; I didn’t want to give mom the same gift every year, yet I could never figure out what she wanted.

And yes, I’ve asked her directly. “Mom, is there anything you’d like this year for Mother’s Day?” Every time her response is “Erin, you know I don’t need anything. I already have everything I could ever ask for.” Which is true. And if there ever happens to be anything at all she does want, she’s taught herself how to use her credit card to make purchases from online stores, so she takes care of herself.This Mother’s Day I’m doing something different. I’m really excited about it, actually, and I think that some of you might find this idea refreshing and useful as well.As my mom truly already has everything she needs, I decided to give a variety of gifts to the less fortunate in honor of my mom.First, I went to and clicked on the “Our Store” link on the left. I then selected the “Gifts and Delights” option, then clicked on “Gifts that Give More”. I purchased a Tsunami Rebuilding Mercy Kit in her name; the money I spent will be used to help the rebuilding of businesses destroyed in the Indian Ocean tsunami. I am receiving a full-color certificate in the mail with my mom’s name on it; I know she’ll be thrilled and happy to see that I spent the money helping others instead of (again!) purchasing her chocolate that would go straight to her hips.

On the website, I could have also purchased a variety of other donation kits, including a “Peace on Earth” kit, a “Child Nutrition” kit, a “Water” kit, or an “Africa Food” kit. If your mom would appreciate a tangible gift from you, though, keep in mind that for every purchase you make at this online store (filled with jewelry, clothing, home and garden items, etc, the Hunger Site will donate a predetermined number of cups of food to those in need. Purchase a pink beaded bracelet for mom and the site will donate 25 cups of food; purchase a fragrant soap set and the Hunger Site will donate 50 cups.In addition to a donation made in her honor, I’m also sending my mom a beautiful bouquet of gerbera daisies. And of course these aren’t just any flowers, mind you; I purchased these flowers from Organic Bouquet ( Organic Bouquet not only emphasizes the conservation of water and ecological resources, it promotes social responsibility and sustainable farming as well.

The best part of all, though, is that when you purchase any one of the 21 bouquets offered in the “Charitable Bouquets” section of their website, the company donates 5 percent of the sale to a worthwhile cause. For purchasing the gerbera daisies, Organic Bouquet donated money to The National Wildlife Federation. Other charities the company donates to include MercyCorps, the American Humane Association, the Snow Leopard Trust, PETA, Project Hope, America’s Second Harvest, and Americares. If you’re going to buy flowers for mom for Mother’s Day, why not have a portion of the money you’re spending go directly to a good cause?This Mother’s Day, I ask you to consider giving a gift to your mother that gives more. See you next time, everyone.

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