Consistency needed for Dam Road stops |

Consistency needed for Dam Road stops

Mike Cockrell

I was pleased when the dam road finally opened, since I run a service truck all over the county, all the time, successfully combining jobs and errands as much as possible. So I crossed the Dam Road a number of times that first week after it opened.

Then last week I was directed away from the Dillon end by a Sheriff’s deputy with no attempt at explanation from the officer. When I returned a few moments later to ask why, a new officer was present, a Dillon police officer, who impatiently informed me that this kind of truck with the boxes are not allowed on the Dam Road (utility body on standard one-ton pickup chassis). But wait, I said, I’ve been using the road for more than a week ” and hey, what about that guy ” as a pickup with sliding cover over the entire bed headed west over the Dam Road). “We allow trucks like that, but not yours,” I was told as the officer turned away.

I was summarily dismissed.

To get from Frisco to Dillon and points east on Highway 6, I now have to lose elevation down the I-70 hill to Silverthorne and climb the hill to Dillon. What a waste of time, and more important, gasoline.

With the weight my truck carries, it’s significant over time.

The Summit Daily reported Aug. 5 that vehicles prohibited are RVs, trailers, cargo vans and those more than 13,000 pounds.

My truck does not meet any of those criteria. It appears the rules, new, not explicit and not very public, are applied inconsistently. How does one pickup pose a threat while another does not?

I have every reason to want the dam safe, since my home is in Silverthorne. But is “security” even the issue given Denver Water has backed away from an implied threat to the dam?

I’ll risk a prediction here: Denver Water (seeing which way political winds blow) will attend the DNC seeking promises of Homeland Security funds, say $5 to $10 million.

Somebody’s brother-in-law will land a lucrative contract to install a high-tech camera system and another will get to build structures at each end of the dam to restrict vehicle height ” all quite worthless, since any real threat to the dam will come from large watercraft, not a pickup with a utility body. Next, they’ll propose lighting up the dam and water surface out about a half-mile, which will also be useless without rocket launchers and high-caliber weaponry at several points along the dam, manned by highly paid mercenaries dressed in black with masks, since we’ve decided we can have wars and a military without a draft (Welcome Blackwater!).

These are all more steps on the path towards a militarized nation, where fear drives public policy and money interests and their corporations make all the rules all the time, otherwise known as fascism. Welcome to the new Amerika.

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