Cool sites, neat tips and wow! |

Cool sites, neat tips and wow!

ERIN PHEILspecial to the daily
Special to the Daily Erin Pheil

I had originally planned to share several computer tips today, but during the last week I came across so many great things on the web, I changed my mind. I simply “had” to share these neat new sites with my dear friends here in Summit County. (But for good measure I did include two computer tips at the end of today’s article as well.)1) – Each day, this site showcases one “amazingly cool thing.” You get a photo, a description, a price, and a link to where you can purchase the cool-thing-of-the-day. The first day I visited this site, the showcased item was a “no-drip umbrella.” Last week, I stopped by the site and saw an iPod (nano) belt buckle. Oh, and sometimes the cool item of the day is free!

You’re just bound to come across something fun if you take a quick glance at this site on a regular basis. And if you go several days without remembering to visit the site, don’t worry – they keep a well-organized archive for people just like yourself.2) – Two words: SO COOL. This link will take you to a page with a small video on it; watch this video. I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen anything like it in all your life. It’s a video of an artist giving an on-stage performance with nothing more than an overhead projector and a bucket of sand.Yep, the Hungarian artist featured in this video is a sand painter. Along with the enthralled audience you can watch the projection screen as he creates scenes of people and animals, one flowing into the next; first you’re looking at a ram with big curly horns and then all of the sudden, with a smudge of his finger, the artist has morphed the sand into a monkey’s face. Wow.

3) – This fancy online Ikea advertisement is the result of mixing music, high-quality photography, 3d motion, and Matrix-like frozen-in-time panoramas. It’s a very, very big download but just visit the link, grab a snack and something to drink, and soon enough the interactive “scene” will soon be displayed before your eyes. Drag the scene to the left or right, watch the people and rooms and situations change. I You’ll most likely find yourself more interested in the visual material than the actual Ikea furniture showcased; the ad is a great form of entertainment in and of itself. You don’t run across that many sites on the web (yet) utilizing this type of technology.Okay. So there are three of the neat things I ran across this week. But you’re right, I did promise to share a couple of computer tips with you as well today. Here they are:

1) If you’d ever like to minimize (hide) all of your desktop’s open windows at once (instead of clicking the minimize button on each window, one at a time), simply right-click your Taskbar (the gray bar running across the bottom of your screen) and select “Minimize All Windows”. Pretty cool, pretty easy.2) For everyone who’s concerned about their missing pictures in Yahoo! Mail, stop fretting. Yahoo! added a new “feature” (thanks Yahoo!) that blocks pictures that load from a server. It’s easy to fix the problem, though. In Yahoo! Mail, just go to Mail Options, then Spam Protection. Check the button marked “Don’t block any images” and you’re good to go.See you in two weeks, everyone. Happy Friday. I recommend having cake sometime in the near future.

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