Cooper doesn’t speak for all conservatives |

Cooper doesn’t speak for all conservatives

To all my “lying liberal” friends and neighbors, please understand, Robert Cooper does not speak for all conservatives – doubtfully even a few.

That he would resort to phoning a government bureaucracy for information with which to attack a “liberal,” seems ironic, at least, if not downright “pinko-commie.” I think most true conservatives know, “figures lie and liars figure” foremost within the federal government.

Contrary to Cooper’s beliefs, many conservatives don’t embrace the nanny state. We no more believe our government has the constitutional authority to regulate the substances an American ingests, for health or enjoyment, than we surmise the Second Amendment only relates to a citizen’s right to hunt – another myth bought and sold under the false banner of this new-age “conservatism.”

Many gun owners understand that our right to keep and bear arms is another safeguard of our freedom and liberties, the ultimate arbiter and balance of power between government and its citizenry. Unfortunately, Americans may soon find in Iraq exactly why firearms, in the hands of determined citizens, proves a most formidable foe, and proves the Founders’ wisdom.

Which returns me to marijuana and the War on Drugs. On this point many conservatives and liberals agree. Prohibition, a largely 20th century phenomenon, causes far more problems than it solves. Banning products of any sort in a free market economy that a people truly wish to possess, be they booze, guns, or drugs, results in far more dangerous and deadly black markets, rendering each and every one of these goods more expensive and lethal, grossly unregulated and tax-free, and possibly more desirable.

Unfortunately, most, if not all, the advertising for illegal drugs comes directly from an agency of the federal government, pro bono.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy spends millions of taxpayer dollars, annually, doing exactly that. Think about it. When’s the last time you saw an illegal drug ad, else it was paid for by the federal treasury, at taxpayers’ expense? Most illegal substances were practically unheard-of, much less a social disaster, until the feds took charge. Clearly, in most instances, government is the problem, not the cure.

No, not all conservatives are cut of the same cloth, no matter Mr. Cooper’s delusional moments. In fact, many conservatives would consider Herr Cooper just another big

government-embracing, “lying liberal” with a penchant for revising our history and distorting the truth.

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