Copper, Frisco employees fund green youth projects |

Copper, Frisco employees fund green youth projects

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Summit County, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY ” Local day camps for kids, the Upper Blue Elementary and the Keystone Science School will all benefit from the generosity of Copper Mountain and Town of Frisco employees who donate part of their paychecks to an environmental fund.

The fund recently completed its first grant cycle by giving more than $5,000 to local community groups. The fund supports projects that promote environmental sustainability through education, scientific research or community-based initiatives in our mountain community.

One chunk of the money goes to Summit Day Camps’ How to Green Your Footprint environmental curriculum during this summer’s programs. About 65 kids will learn about becoming active in protecting the environment in the Summit County community. Participants will also actively participate in clean-up days, weed pulls, nature hikes and replanting pine trees.

The fund also awarded money to Full Circle of Lake County for the formation of an environmental club in Leadville. Twenty local youths will educate the community in Spanish and English on specific actions individuals can take to protect the environment. In addition, the club will create a recycling drop-off center at the high school because the current drop-off center is located 4 miles outside of Leadville.

Another grant went toward supporting the Upper Blue Elementary School Grgen team’s reusable bag campaign. The green team plans to purchase reusable bags and promote awareness of the environmental issues associated with paper and plastic bag use. They will sell the reusable bags at Upper Blue Elementary School to parents, students and teachers, with proceeds to benefit future Green Team projects.

The Keystone Science School has been awarded a grant to enable students from Lake County Schools to participate in a 3-day, 2-night Keystone Science School field experience during the 2008-2009 school year through partial scholarships. Keystone Science School will provide students with an earth science curriculum that compliments their formal classroom education.

For questions regarding the Copper and Frisco Employee Environmental Fund, please contact Copper Mountain Environmental Manager Jen Schenk at

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