Costanza: Olk sides with Salazar |

Costanza: Olk sides with Salazar

Carolyn Costanza

Re: “Blinded by the right,” by Nate Olk, letters, Sept. 26

Seems Mr. Olk went to the recent Obamacare briefing sponsored by Sen. Udall’s office. His comments are right off the slides Ms. Salazar used under the Women’s Health section of the Obamacare bill and as usual he spews the lies about what Romney would include in a badly needed revised health bill. He tries to scare women when it is unnecessary concerning abortions as Roe v Wade is still in effect and will not be changed. Like I told Ms. Salazar afterwards that what she spoke of was just like American Pie and that most was what everybody wanted in a revised health care bill. My question went beyond the good aspects of the bill which include not being able to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, better access for young adults to have health insurance and more wellness type services made available plus being able to get insurance policies across state lines.

I do not believe this law will make health care more affordable as she showed. If you, like I did, have read this HR3200, all 2,000 pages of it, and then the reconciliation bill with all the added agencies, including new community health centers everywhere; grants and contracts to plan,develop, operate accredited professional training program in the field of family medicine, general internal medicine, general pediatrics or geriatrics for medical students,interns, residents or practicing physicians; and to provide financial assistance in the form of traineeships and fellowships to medical students, interns, residents who plan to specialize or work in family medicine, general internal medicine, etc. You can read this as setting up government medical schools to get doctors, nurses and PAs to provide these services. A large number of current physicians will be getting out of medicine. This is taken from Sec 2213 if you need to check it out. This isn’t the only expense as there are billions more in this law and Medicaid is especially troubling as it will be unaffordable the way they plan to execute it. Talk about unmanageable bureaucracy. When I asked about where the funding would come from she said when the troops come home from Afghanistan there will be billions to put into obamacare! Imagine that! Then I want to know how we plan to start paying down the trillions in debt we owe if everything is going into obamacare. Take about socialism. Speaking of that, this is to the person who wrote that there are no socialists in Washington – give me a break. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont ran as a socialist and there are over 70 congressional Democrats that currently belong to the Socialist Party of America Caucus that Sen. Sanders founded in 1991. It just bugs me that people write to the paper without checking out the facts. Of course, this is the way the liberals are, tell the lies enough and hopefully the people start to believe them. It is time people are required to back up their comments with pure facts and not Chicago fog.